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viernes, 5 de julio de 2019

Meet people with the most incredible skills

We are used to watching movies with superheroes like Spiderman or Hulk, but all this is fiction. But there are real-life people with skills that you can not believe. Would you be able to learn a language in a week? To move a train by pulling only with your teeth? To spend all your life without sleeping? Of riding a bicycle with closed eyes ?. Surely not.

Today we show you ten people who exist in real life and have amazing abilities.

1. Daniel Tammet: He has an incredible memory.

Daniel Tammet memory
Daniel Paul Tammet is a British, autistic, and a genius. He has a great intelligence for mathematical calculations, language learning and also an incredible memory.

He says that in his mind, each number up to 10,000 has a unique shape, and he also feels it. He says he can "see" the mathematical results in the form of landscapes and that he can also "feel". He has described that the number 289 is particularly ugly, the 333 is attractive and the pi is the most beautiful. Tammet describes these works, but also creates works of art from them, such as his painting of Pi, in watercolor.

Tammet has the European record of memorizing the pi number, with 22514 digits in just over five hours.

He also speaks a large number of languages: English, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Estonian, Icelandic, Welsh and Esperanto. He likes Estonian a lot because he has many vowels. Tammet is creating a new language called Mänti.

Tammet has an incredible ability to learn languages. He was challenged to learn Icelandic (very difficult language) in a week. And a week later he appeared on Icelandic television, chatting Icelandic with his language teacher. He said he was "inhuman."

2. Ben Underwood: Able to see through sound.

Ben Underwood sees sound
Ben is blind, his two eyes were removed at 3 years because he had cancer. However, he plays basketball, walks a bicycle and leads a normal life. He learned to be oriented by echolocation. He does not need the help of guide dogs, he does not have to use his hands: he uses sound. Ben makes a sound that bounces off the objects and surprisingly his ears hear the echoes and thus he knows where the objects are. It is the only person in the known world that uses echolocation, such as bats and dolphins.

3. Daniel Browning Smith: The rubber man.

Daniel Browning Smith rubber
The rubber man, has 5 Guinness record, is the most flexible man in the world and the most famous contortionist. He has been in many professional basketball and baseball games and also in many television shows. Dislocate your arms to get all this.

4. Michel Lotito: the comelotodo.

Michel Lotito comelotodo
Michel Lotito was born in 1950, is a French artist, famous for being a comelotodo, and is known as Mister Comelotodo. In his performances he eats metal, glass and rubber, and so on until he ends up eating bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150 and small items that he dismantles, cuts and swallows. He ate an airplane for two years, from 1978 to 1980. He started eating this type of material as a child and has done it publicly since 1966. Lotito does not suffer harmful effects after eating these materials, even when he eats materials considered poisonous . When you do it, you can consume up to 1 kg of material daily along with large amounts of water. It seems to have a stomach and intestines with walls twice as thick as normal, and digestive acids are unusually potent, being able to digest a certain portion of their metal foods.

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