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jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

For toned toned like mine you must make these exercises

Today I'm going to reveal my daily exercise routine to keep thin and beautiful toned legs, it's a super easy routine that you can follow at home, you do not have to have much space or a lot of time is fast and extremely effective I'll also talk of what I eat to stay online.

I like to start doing squats and for that I separated my legs by aligning them with my shoulders I imagine that many already know how to do squats but if you do not know you have to have your back totally straight and bring your bottoms up to your knees.

I do 20 squats a day and as you can see my legs are very muscular at the same time the squats help to work and harden the buttocks and the 4 sets which is the most powerful and voluminous muscle of the body It is the one that supports our weight and we It allows walking, sitting and running.

If you are not very active the first few days will be a little difficult and it will hurt your legs but do not stop the pain will continue.

Another exercise that is very easy and one of my favorites is to jump a rope as well as when we were girls it is fun and helps activate the lower muscles of the body in specific the gluteal quadriceps and
Calf also if you want to lose weight jump rope is an excellent cardio, I do it for 15 to 10 minutes a day and I feel like a totally different woman, after doing it because it also helps
to improve your mood.

The following exercise is called leg circle or flexor bus in English is done a lot in pilates and as the name says it consists of lifting your legs to join them and make circles in the air, you can have your legs completely straight or flexed, to me I like to do 15 repetitions.

This exercise not only works the abdomen but gives you a super nice cut of the sides of the legs, toning the calves and glutes.

The following exercise and you have to put on four with your arms and legs to the extent of your shoulders, squeeze your buttocks and kick back, although it seems weird that exercise is perfect for toning your buttocks and squeezing your legs, you can also kick the sides if you are looking to focus only on the legs these exercises are excellent to get some legs.

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