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Entrepreneurs that every person should imitate and study if they want to improve themselves

There are many entrepreneurial examples, which are worth knowing. Here are some of them that undoubtedly have things that you should imitate and you will surely achieve success.

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Entrepreneurs examples for you and me ...
... in different areas of our lives. And the first thing I want us to see are those enterprising examples that tell us that dreams can come true.

Entrepreneurs examples Dreams come true!
Juan Perteguer Miguel and Ángel Rodríguez Caveda and the creation of yummeat. That not only fulfilled the dream of them but of many people Eat sweet without damaging the diet!
Manuel Linares and the creation of Kibo Studios being a technological consultant at the forefront of many innovative projects. To have an idea, one of your customers is eBay.
Pablo León-Asuero with the creation of imagility, which is nothing more than the development of applications and games that are very easy to use.
Now let's go with other good examples as far as homework is concerned. Do you dare to start from home? If you can, look at these examples.

Entrepreneurs examples If you can start from home!
Laura D'Accardi with iKiora, a company that delivers what the client wants to consume in a business or company, taking it to the door of his house immediately. This project started from the comfort of your home.
Adam Jorquera and Javier Gordillo, with doers, are a team that offers digital studio and manufacturing. Although you do not believe this project started at home, they had the necessary equipment.
Isabel Reyes who founded Paiandpear. That is nothing more than a trade of illustrations and stationery products, but all in a personalized way. It is such a simple undertaking that you can start at home, but it can be so big that we need another space later. So if you like the world of decoration and stationery you can start at home and have many successes.
The need is not an excuse for not undertaking, and I believe that the following examples are the greatest proof.

Entrepreneurs examples The need is a door to have a great business!
Ana Miño and Biolandia, according to her motherhood is the stage where many women usually bring to reality those dreams they have always had in terms of business. By knowing about the consumption of certain organic products, start sharing your opinions in a blog. Which evolved and became what is now Bioland. And all starting from understanding that as a mother he had to do something for his children.
José María Salgueiro and María Dolores Prieto, having no work, were forced to acquire a franchise in Dia. And despite not being a franchise of their own, they testify that they live very well, because it has been very successful. The highlight of this story is that it says that when you have no work, and there are needs, you must make a decision!
Other example entrepreneurs that you should imitate.
As entrepreneurs, we must imitate the qualities of other successful entrepreneurs. Next I will mention some very recognized, and of course the attribute that as an entrepreneur I recommend imitating.

Steve Jobs and his perfectionism. Although there is no doubt that it was very obsessive, we can not deny that it can be a quality for us to manufacture quality products. Do not be so obsessive, but you can be a perfectionist.
Mark Zuckerberg and his ambition. Although it is another point that does not sound very healthy, as an entrepreneur you must not be conformist. You should always procure more. This attribute was the one that led the Facebook founder to stand out in the university where he studied. And it led him to create such a wonderful application in the future.
Jeff Bezos and his innovation: if there is something that characterizes Amazon, it is innovation. And it is not something that "Innovate at the beginning and now", but "You offer an innovative product, and every day you work on more innovation". That's Jeff Bezos and Amazon, it's a quality you must imitate, innovate every day to stand out in the market.

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