Hello my loves welcome, one more day I hope you are very well, today I bring some tips that will go to help you lose in a week four waist sizes really.

You have to follow what steps, I say they are very simple and very short, but if you do you will achieve it and, you will really have a wasp waist, super super pretty to wear it.

for this Christmas so without more, wait I leave you with these tips that you will love a very big kiss.

We are going to need a pitcher with water or a bottle of liter and a half to 2 liters, a lemon and 4 tea bags, my tea bags are horsetail and green tea.

but if you do not have you can use only green tea or horsetail.

we cut the lemon into pieces and put it in the water and then we put the four tea bags and let it sit for 5 minutes, and after five minutes we have our tea ready to drink.

This drink is a pump that will help you retain fluid to burn fat and you will lose weight a lot.

Drink it during the day because you will really notice it a lot.

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