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jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Meet the four home exercises to get good in weeks.

1- Hip flexion with crossed toes

If you want to achieve a perfect abdomen abs can not miss, lie on a flat surface, separate your legs a little and begin to flex your torso with your arm very well stretched touching the tip of your opposite foot, ie touch the tip of your Right foot with the left hand and vice versa.

2- rotation of sitting trunk with weights

Say goodbye to those annoying little rolls in the waist, with this simple exercise the only thing you need to do is sit down, spread your legs and bend them a bit, now turn from left to right holding a dumbbell with your hands and repeat this movement.

3- squat with outstretched arms

Who said that getting a perfect butt was impossible?
Separate your legs at the level of the shoulders and begin to flex, but eye your knee should not go beyond the tip of the feet, it is important that while doing the squats you keep your back straight and your arms very well stretched, now that if you want to raise the resistance a little and get faster results you can support yourself with a dumbbell. Go up and down to the center of your legs as we show you in the video access to the video is at the end.

4- and to finish let's go with an exercise to achieve those glutes that you have always dreamed of.

With your back and arms straight, stretch your leg as much as you can by raising it quickly but lowering slowly and without touching the ground, perform 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each of the exercises and now get ready to show off the body that always you have wanted


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