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jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

If you want a body like this, avoid these foods during dinner

The topic of today that I am going to deal with in this video is about the foods that we have to avoid at the time of the dinner, they are comments that I have received in my social networks.

First I want to tell you about my experience when I went to the gym for the first time, I started exercising when I had my second pregnancy, at the beginning it was not so easy, it was hard to get up early and go to the gym to know that you are going to train that day. I was super happy very happy and with all the attitude I started to exercise but I felt that I did not see changes in my body.

I had a week, two months, three months and so years went by and I did not see results, and I did because I felt that I trained super strong and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm as most of us sometimes think we eat well then when the nutritionist I give my diet I realize that at dinner did not include food that I used to eat much earlier that's why I did not see results passed the time and nothing at all.

So I'm going to share 5 foods that my nutritionist told me to avoid at dinner time and I have worked a lot to maintain myself, to be in good shape and wear those clothes that I like so much.

1- number one you have to avoid bread or pastries that come in the box because they contain a lot of sugar, it is refined sugar that causes inflammation in our stomach, constipation especially when it is time to sleep or at night we have to avoid it of all costs because if we want to achieve our goal.

If you have a well-contracted abdomen or burn the fat in this area, remember that we women get more fat in different areas.

2- number 2 I avoid the fruit at dinner time for example: the orange, the grapes, and the kiwi try to avoid eating them and more at dinner time because it contains a lot of sugar although it is good sugar but contains sugar and that will not allow us to rest at night.

we are going to be super awake with eyes is very energetic and we are not going to rest enough, and the next day we wake up with a bad mood, angry and without energy that will cause us to have a lot of stress, that our cortisol levels will increase, we are going to be discouraged and not lose fat in this area if you want to eat something sweet cited before going to sleep you can eat a bed you can snack that does not have much sugar and tastes sweet, if it is and it will not take away the sleep That's why I recommend avoiding fruit altogether at dinner.

3- number 3 the pasta as for example the pizza the spaghetti and also the lasagna, that type of food we can not eat it at dinner time because it falls heavy and apart it has a lot of energy.

I was swollen with pasta, any pasta if it's pizza, spaghetti and my stomach hurts a lot I do not know if it's happened to you that suddenly they eat something and they drop pesaditos and more in the night at dinner you have to avoid it.

if I'm watching a movie or family and obviously have children ask for a pizza because nothing happens if you eat a slice and what I do is break it into several small pieces that fit here on your fingers and eat them little by little as if they were popcorn and so you take away the anxiety of wanting to eat all the pizza, it works for me to do it this way and you do not sin or you do not sleep with the

4- the number 4 cereals such as: zucchini conflex, choco krispis, those cereals that come in boxes contain a lot of sugar that does not provide protein for dinner time.

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