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martes, 2 de julio de 2019

Do you want to see how my buttocks look?

Today I am going to show you only one exercise with which you are going to lift those buttocks in a very short time, the exercise that I am going to show you next works the upper part of the gluteus which is the gluteus maximus when we have this part well worked.

The gluteus rises automatically you are ready for this exercise you are going to need weight that can be a kettlebell or in case you do not have them you can use a large bottle of water or a suitcase with weight in the end some heavy object that you can find in your house

Flex one leg drop your torso forward and lift the other leg back to the beginning it will be a bit difficult to maintain balance, but afterwards it will be easier to repeat this exercise or series of repetitions like each leg two or three times a week , and do not forget to add some protein to your diet that you will need for the muscle to grow.

 In addition you should also use some young fats of vegetable origin such as olive oil or avocado seeds at the end of the exercise do not forget to stretch a little bit to relax the gluteal muscles.

In this exercise it is very important to keep your leg flexed on which we support ourselves since it is the leg that we actually work on, not the leg that we keep moving, but on which we lean when you exercise you will feel the attention in the leg. gluteus maximus

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